BeachGrooves Radio

  • Date: July, 2014

  • Client:

BeachGrooves Radio – 24/7 Deep House DJ Station

BeachGrooves Radio is a radio station based in Marbella who specialise in “deep house music” from their studio.

The station broadcasts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week incorporating LIVE DJ mix sessions performed by DJs from around the world. As a brand new entity on the coast, BeachGrooves needed to make an impression on their future listener base as well as potential competition.

BeachGrooves Radio broadcasts their shows streaming over the internet and through their beach radio stations app on the App Store and the google play store

They are also available through iTunes (and through most audio players on your computer as well as having their own mobile app.

In addition to their audio feeds, BeachGrooves also streams a live video stream of their studio and DJ shows over the internet.

The installation included all studio broadcasting equipment (audio, video, e.t.c) as well as remote monitoring and control of all the equipment, lighting, heating and door security.

As a 24 hour /7 days a week station, all round control is of utmost importance.

We are also in mid-project to install a production suite on premises, linked to the studio installation.