Arcadia Engineering .:.   is a franchise and is a part of the .:. Arcadia Industries .:.  (Luxemburg), established in 2008 at Brussel (Belgium) and Arques (South-France). In 2017 Arcadia Engineering (Spain) was founded in Marbella.

We manufacture:

  • Underground shelters , High Composit fyberglass, kalver structure (with Stealt Technology)
  • Steel underground shelters
  • Concrete underground shelters
  • Constructor Smart House
  • Safe Rooms
  • Aerospace drone and UAV
  • EVE artificial intelligence security system

.:. Arcadia Engineering .:.  master architects and specialised in emergency technologies and military equipment for home use and family protection. We are producers and architects of security smart cities, luxurious underground shelters and safe and panic rooms in your property, that are protected against nuclear, biologic and chemical influences by a NBC filter systems which can resist an EMP attack (electro-magnetic pulse). All our underground shelters and safe rooms are build in “Ancient Code” with high military specifications. Our shelters come with “stealth technology”, once fully installed they are invisible by radar or other scanning applications. .:. Arcadia Aerospace .:.  is specialized manufacture of bulletproof and unbreakable drone and UAV aviators for different security, civil or military applications. .:. Arcadia Robotics .:.  is specialized manufacture of Civil and military Robots and EVE artificial intelligence.


  • Calle Carril de Picaza 23
  • San Pedro de Alcantara, 29670 Marbella