Make Your Home Safe

It is important that we keep our homes safe, and we do everything in our power to ensure the same. Automated lights that can be toggled with our iPhone, fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors to warn us of incoming danger, cameras to keep a pair of eyes upon us as we sleep.

There is so much that technology has to offer in terms of safeguarding our fortress. However, such efficient techniques of home automation also come with a certain amount of vulnerability. Luckily for us, such vulnerabilities can be plugged, leaving us free to enjoy the myriad advantages of home automation.


Make your Life easier

EZ Home Solutions will integrate everything into one central system which can be accessed easily through remote control. It is Compatible with Smart Phones and Tablets with operating Systems like Apple IOS & Samsung Android and Windows.

Home Control is a simple expression used to describe a myriad of EZ Home Solutions that make your life easier and more comfortableFor example, you can automate your entire nightly routine. With one push of a “goodnight” button, your home canLock all your exterior doors, Turn off all the lights in your home (except the kid’s nightlights), Arm your security system.

Save Energy

Its key to maximizing your home’s energy efficiency. Home automation includes any technology used to remotely control and monitor the function of your home’s systems. Monitor your usage to keep your home energy Efficient with Smart Thermostats, Lighting Control, Smart Power Strips

Smarthome products not only make your life safer, more convenient and more fun, they can also help you to save energy and money. As a member of the Flex your power energy effiecieny campaign, we can show you how to be a friend to the environment and your wallet through energy conservation.


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